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Premium Hemp Wholesalers

Looking to get in on the skyrocketing demand for wholesale hemp and CBD products?

Whether you’re a retailer that would like your very own line of CBD products as an additional revenue stream, a grower looking for high quality-high yielding bulk hemp seeds to boost your production, or have your own brand already want want premium grade CBD isolate for your concoctions we can help!

Our hemp and CBD products are top of the line at great prices and are a perfect fit for your growing venture. The truth is America is going absolutely wild for CBD right now and the opportunity is massive for business owners looking to cash in on the lucrative wave of demand for premium CBD products like these.

The hemp and CBD market is one of the fastest growing markets of the generation, with the Hemp Business Journal predicting the market to grow from $390 million per year to around $1.3 BILLION by 2022. Yes, you read that right.

CBD is now found in a multitude of in-demand product types like tinctures, oils, vape pens, bath bombs, baked goods, tablets, patches, cosmetics and more. You name it and it seems someone is profiting off of infusing CBD into it. Due to the fact CBD-infused products are able to be sold nationwide, the CBD market will leave the cannabis market in the dust due to CBD’s current growth rate and cannabis’ slower moving federal legalization.

The playing field is level right now in the market for savvy, quick thinking entrepreneurs, so even smaller operators can carve out their slice of the growing CBD pie. You just have to find the right wholesale hemp product supplier.

We offer a variety of options for these savvy businessmen and women. We offer private label CBD products, bulk CBD seeds, bulk CBD isolate for sale, as well as safe and affordable credit card processing options for brick & mortar and online sellers. We can get you everything you need to get your CBD business on a path to success!

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Premium CBD = Premium Profits

High quality CBD products are what makes our company run. Take a look at our offerings and reach out today to get your fast, free quote.


Private Label CBD: Our CBD, Your Label

Tinctures, pain relief creams, pet treats and wildly popular CBD gummies and more are all available through our private label CBD service. Provide your logo and designs, and we’ll ship your very own CBD products to you asap!

Submit your own design or let our designers do the work for you to create a profitable CBD line that wows. 

Our private label hemp products are perfect for gym owners, chiropractors, smoke shops, natural product retailers, salon owners, pet groomers and more! You’ll be up and running with your own line in a matter of weeks, adding that extra revenue stream to help grow your business.

Reach out to us today for our full product catalog and let us know exactly what you want for your place of business. Learn more about our private label CBD products.


Bulk CBD Isolate For Sale: Limited Only By Your Imagination

Our 99+% pure CBD isolate is derived entirely from naturally sourced, Colorado grown, industrial hemp. The crystalline form makes it extremely versatile and easy to add to a variety of products like skin care creams, edibles, drinks and more.

Our Colorado grown CBD isolate can help you take your business to the next level with competitive pricing and top tier quality.

Reach out today and let us know how much isolate you’re interested in and we’ll provide you with a fast, free quote. You can add isolate to your existing product line or sell it as is. Consumers love mixing it in their favorite beverages and topical creams.

Learn more about our CBD isolate for sale.

Bulk CBD Seeds: Grow Your Yield, Grow Your Profits

We’re proud to offer bulk Western Breed 19 hemp seeds at great pricing. These feminized industrial hemp seeds are perfect for your next grow, as this strain creates a healthy yield at a max height of 5 to 6 feet tall.

Cannabinoid profile of 8% – 10% CBD and below .2% THC, these seeds are a perfect fit for your operation.

Give us a call today to ask about this strain and how we can get you the hemp seeds you need to crush next year’s grow.

Secure CBD Payment processing company

CBD Credit Card Processing: Safe, Affordable & Easy

Dealing with CBD payments can be a huge headache with many setbacks. Sky high fees, possible account suspensions and terminations can add incredible uncertainty and stress to your business.

With over 30 years of experience in the smoke shop and dispensary markets, an A+ BBB rating and over 30,000 merchants processing over a billion dollars per year worldwide, our provider is what you’re looking for.

They maintain a solid reputation with all major credit card companies for both online and brick and mortar payments. The best part? A flat 5.9% processing rate with no transaction fee.

Now offering partnerships with ZERO revenue or years in business requirements!

Learn more about our CBD payment processing solution.