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Best Carbon Filters For Grow Rooms 2021

Carbon filters for grow rooms might be the only option you have to save and preserve the original buds’ fragrance. So, indoor marijuana growers need to understand the value of this accessory fully. 

If you’re new to growing your own marijuana, this information and the following recommendations of the best carbon filters for grow rooms will be extremely helpful. If you haven’t set up your grow yet, be sure to check out our best grow tent kits for beginners.

They all come with a carbon filter so you can be sure you’ll have the right setup for your new grow.

Here is an exhaustive presentation of the main features and benefits of using carbon filters for grow rooms. First, you will read about the importance of air filtration. The actual description of the typical carbon filter will follow. Then, I will expand a bit on how the filter works.

I will also add some information to help you use the carbon filter according to your needs. Finally, you will find out how to buy the most suitable carbon filters for your grow room, as well as when to change them.

After germinating your seeds you’ll need to transplant them and get them into a grow tent kit, and proper filtration is key to the plants’ success.

How Does Carbon Air Filtration Work?

Basically, carbon air filtration takes the air exiting the exhaust fans and makes it odorless. Air filtration can be necessary, and sometimes even essential when the environment is loaded with unpleasant odors.

Usually, activated carbon filters are used to sanitize an environment and reduce pungent odors from a grow room or grow tent with flowering marijuana plants. In detail, they are the best solution for filtering the air correctly and effectively, every single time.

To be precise, it is the activated carbon inside the filter that purifies the air exiting the air extractor. These activated carbon filters have internal chambers filled with carbon granules. As a result, they isolate/absorb odors and clean the air as it passes through. They can be used for both exhaust air to minimize odor, or as a way to purify the air that enters your grow tent.

Keeping the air clean and filtered will also go a long way in protecting your plants from pests. If you do notice an outbreak, neem oil is a great tool for prevention and mitigation.

What Do Carbon Filters For Grow Rooms Look Like?

Activated carbon filters have a cylindrical shape with one end closed and the other open. In the open end, there is a tapered section. On it, you attach the flexible hose with hose clamps or screw clips. Then, you connect the hose or duct to an air extractor or aspirator.

The filter also has metal walls filled with activated carbon. When the aspirator is active, the air passes through the filter walls. Here, the carbon granules neutralize all the odors, pollen, and dust.

What Makes Air Filtration With Carbon Filters Work?

Carbon filters for grow rooms offer a suitable contact time. That is, a period of time in which the air remains in contact with the coal granules. As you can imagine, the longer the contact time, the greater the elimination of bad smells.

Odor management is crucial during the flowering stage. For the correct efficiency of the filter, you should also do periodic maintenance. For example, by replacing the carbon granules inside the filter once exhausted.

How To Use A Carbon Filter For Your Grow Room or Tent

You can use an activated carbon filter effectively in one of two ways: extraction or recirculation. 

Extraction means that the air passes through the filter and exits outside the cultivation area. This is the most common use for carbon filters in an indoor growing space.

Recirculation is about getting the cleaned air back into the cultivation space. In short, the filter continuously absorbs odors and expels them, allowing only purified air to enter your growing space.

How To Choose The Right Carbon Filter For Your Grow Room

The choice of an extractor and a filter with a compatible flow rate is of primary importance. Here is why it is such a crucial choice.

  • A filter with a lower flow rate than that of the aspirator can cause an excessive air flow inside the filter. Thus, the contact time is consequently reduced. In other words, the filter becomes less efficient in eliminating odors.
  • A lower air flow rate increases the noise level.

Broadly speaking, you will benefit from the best ratio between efficiency and noise. So, use a filter with a slightly higher flow rate than that of the aspirator. It shouldn’t matter which type of strain you have, growing sativa or indica strains both require proper filtration.

How To Choose The Right Carbon Filter For Your Grow Room

The life span of carbon filters for grow rooms depends on several factors. Usually, the filter’s life cycle is between 1,200 and 3,000 hours. In professional grow rooms, the filter will have an average duration of 3 cultivation cycles.

Once exhausted, you should replace the carbon granules and the internal filter as soon as possible. In fact, some models let you change the carbon granules while maintaining the supporting filter structure.

As Jorge Cervantes points out, carbon filters preserve the fragrance and overall quality of the cannabis buds. So, whether you use them in your grow or drying room, check their efficiency at least once a year.

Best Carbon Filters For Grow Rooms & Tents: Our Picks

#1 | VivoSun 6" Carbon Filter With Australian Virgin Charcoal

With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon, this carbon filter is one of the most effective carbon filters for grow rooms and tents on the market.

It can be used as either an intake or exhaust filter, and is made up of 5 filtration layers for maximum odor absorption. The team at Vivosun has been making marijuana grow accessories for over 10 years and are one of the leaders in grow technology.

It’s best used as a replacement filter for your grow tent kit.

#2 | AC Infinity 6" Carbon Filter With Australian Virgin Charcoal

Although AC Infinity wasn’t founded as a company specifically to help growers, they have been in business for years and make a damn good carbon filter.

The AC Infinity carbon filter is a little more expensive, but the technology they use is the finest in the industry.

I would highly recommend this carbon filter for grow tents of any size. Click the button below to learn more and compare pricing.

ac infinity carbon filter for grow tents

#3 | TerraBloom 6" x 24" Carbon Filter

The only reason we have listed TerraBloom’s carbon filter for grow rooms is the price. Coming in at $119, it’s one of the most expensive filters on the market, but for good reason.

Other, cheaper filters simply don’t pack the purifying punch that TerraBloom’s filter does. Their carbon bed is packed with 46mm of carbon, far superior to the 38mm that comes standard with cheaper versions.

If lifespan and filtration superiority is what you’re after, this is the carbon filter for you.