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rosin press machine bundle

Made in The USA


1,500 Lbs of Preessure

Compact & Discrete

Our Best Selling Rosin Press Machines

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Rosin Bomb Rocket Bundle

$686 Now Just $479!

This bundle gives you everything you need to start pressing your favorite flower. Each press comes with our mavstix, parchment paper, smell-proof carrying bag, loader, flower container and glass jars.

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M60 Rosin Bomb Bundle

$2,147 Now Just $1,695!

This bundle gives you or wildly popular M60 model, which delivers 5,000 lbs of pressure and can press 16 grams each press! Standing at only 16″ tall, this beast of a rosin press is for serious pressers.

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Rosin Press Accessories On Sale Now!

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Stock up on all the accessories you need to have a great summer pressing your own rosin. Order smell proof bags, parchment paper, jars and more. Never run out of critical accessories again!

What is A Rosin Press?

Rosin press machines allow you to press your own high quality, solventless extracts from your finest flower or kief. Each machine has two heated plates that produce a few thousand pounds of pressure.

You simply add your nug between a folded piece of parchment paper, and start the press. The heated plates will act to warm and loosen the trichomes, while the pressure essentially “squeezes” the highly potent resin from the flower, leaving you with a premium extract.

The highest quality extract, “live rosin”, loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids will come from recently harvested flower. 

Most experienced cannabis users prefer rosin to other extracts because it doesn’t use solvents, which can disrupt the natural taste of the extract nd have lingering chemicals.

“This press is super quiet and I love that it doesn’t weigh very much. I’ve been getting stellar rosin for weeks. Its dope!”

~ Eric C. Phoenix, AZ

Results Matter. Quality Matters.

Our heated presses are ahead of the game and will give you maximum yields for all of your pressing.

Once you try our press you’ll be blown away by the yields you see.

Our ultra-quiet, lightweight (only 13lbs) press is perfect for on-the-go or at home, tabletop pressing.

Each rosin press comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident you’ll love your press or your money back!

Save $200 and order yours today to be pressing delicious, high terpene rosin in a few short days!

What To Look For In A Heated Press

There are a few things that are really important to think about when looking to buy a personal or commercial press.

  1. Evenly Distributed Heat: Some cheaper heated presses on the market tend to get hot spots, so the heat doesn’t get evenly distributed. Our Rosin bomb presses equally distribute heat across the plates, giving you consistent extracts even after hundreds of uses.
  2. Reliability: The cheaper you go, the higher chance you have of getting a press that doesn’t last long. Our the Rosin Bomb machines are guaranteed to press evenly for thousands of uses.
  3. Plate Shape: The best presses use rectangular plates, which tend to outperform square plate machines. The Rosin Bomb has rectangular plates that maximizes surface area for pressing.
  4. Manufacturing: Each Rosin Bomb press is made in the USA by experts in the field of engineering and manufacturing. This ensure you don’t get some cheap press designed and built in China.

US Made

Each RosinBomb has been designed & manufactured in the US by american employees.

High Yield Force

Our press delivers a whopping 1,500lbs of force, ensuring maximum yield with each press.


Our rosin press only weighs 13lbs, making it compact and portable for every user.

Ultra Quiet

100% electric, which means no manual pumps or noisy air compressors required.

How Much Can You Save With A Rosin Press Machine?

If you’re tired of spending $50-$60 per gram of solventless extracts, a rosin pressing machine can save you massive amounts of money!

For example, if you consume just a gram of rosin per week at $50 per gram from your local dispensary, you’re spending $2700 per year.

Now, if you’re pressing your own rosin you can bring that per gram price down to $25, you’ll save $1,350 each and every year.

Even more if you’re growing your own!

Order your Rosinbomb press today and start making your own premium, ooey gooey rosin within a matter of days.

tommy chong rosin machine

“This is Rosinbomb and it’s one of my favorite products!”

~ Tommy Chong

The Only Rosin Press Machine With The True-Force Guarantee

We guarantee that each and every press we ship is meticulously designed, built and tested before it arrives at your home! Other presses simply don’t live up to their claims, and we have the proof!

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RosinTech Smash: $545

100 %
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galaxy rosin press machine

Galaxy Enails: $500

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rosin bomb

Rosin Bomb Rocket: $450

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Order Your Rosin Bomb Bundle Today & Save Over $200!

$686 Now Just $479!

Rosin Press Machine FAQ

Below you'll find a list of our most asked questions and answers.

How Does The "Pressing" Part Of A Heated Press Play Out?

We recommend this method to maximize the yield of each press:

  1. Form your material into a puck shape, using the Rosinbomb loader that comes with your bundle.
  2. Place the newly formed puck into a Rosinbomb flower bag.
  3. Position paper on the bottom plate and put the bag with the puck on the paper, in the center of the plate.
  4. Place another piece of paper on top of the bag with the puck.
  5. Press the up button once the unit is warmed up until the bage/puck is firmly in place, then allow the material to warm. (we recommend 30 seconds to one minute)
  6. Then, continue pressing the material for roughly 1-2 minutes, release the plates and press once more.

This process should get you the best yield possible on every press.

Is It Worth It To Get A Rosin Press?

It depends. Let’s assume that your cost per gram of concentrate from a dispensary is roughly $50, and the cost of a gram of home pressed extract would cost you, say, $20.

If you invest our rosin press machine for $479, it would take you approximately 16 grams before your $30 per gram savings would cover the cost of your investment in the machine.

So, if you plan on consuming more than 16 grams of concentrate in the following years it absolutely makes sense to buy a machine.

If we take this further and say over the next 4 years you consume 300 grams of concentrate, your total savings are 300 x $30 = $9,000!

This is why many take the leap in purchasing our rosin presses, it just makes financial sense in the long run, not to mention the convenience and enjoyment many get from pressing from the comfort of their own home.

How Should I Prepare The Material To Get The Best Yield?

Great question! The approach is quite simple. We recommend that you break down your material into 1/2″ pieces, then removing all stems and stick.

(We do not recommend grinding the material due to its impact on color and taste)

Then, simply create a “puck” of material by compressing before pressing to ensure a solid press. Finish by placing your material in between two sheets of parchment paper and press away!

How Hot Do The Plates Need To Be For Pressing?

We recommend pressing your material at a temperature between 190 F and 220 F for best results with flower. Out of the box, the rosin press default temperature is set to 220 F and won’t exceed 300 F.

You must be very careful not to forget that the plates get extremely hot, so use caution and have a clear head before using any of our rosin press machines.

How Do I Turn Off My Machine?

All you have to do to power down your press is unplug the unit. Once it’s unplugged, be careful to allow it to cool down so it’s safe to move and hold.

Do I Have to Put The Machine Together?

No! The Rosinbomb presses are fully functional right out of the bos and require zero set up. The press is truly “plug and press”, so you can be pressing within minutes of taking it out of the box, no headache required!

How Many Grams Can I Press With These Machines At A Time?

The RosinBomb Rocket is our more compact solution, weighing in at ~13 lbs, standing at 10 inches tall and will apply 1,500 lbs of pressure, which can effectively press up to 5 full grams of material, depending on the density.

Our larger unit, the M-50 can press more material. The M-50 weighs 35 lbs, stands 16 inches tall and applies 5,000 lbs of pressure. This larger unit is able to press up to 14 grams of material in a single press, depending on the density.

What Do You Use A Press For?

Contrary to extraction methods that use solvent chemicals like butane to extract concentrates, a press uses only heat and pressure for extraction.

By way of heat and pressure, the concentrate is “melted and squeezed” onto parchment paper. This machine gives users the most natural concentrate possible and tends to taste better.

Rosin pressing became wildly popular in 2016 and has continued to be the preferred extraction method for users that aren’t a fan of chemical laden extracts.