Bulk CBG Kief

Highly potent, lab tested bulk CBG kief for commercial applications. Contact us today to request a quote!

Our kief tests above 31% CBGa, and we can satisfy orders of thousands of pounds per month!

All of our bulk kief is tested by a 3rd party to ensure there aren’t any mycotoxins, heavy metals or pesticides. COA’s are available upon request.

bag of cbg kief

Why Our CBG Kief?

Our kief is both grown and harvested in sunny California by expert cultivators. The CBG content in our kief is higher than most because we breed our hemp plants specifically to produce the highest amounts of CBG possible. 

Our team uses multiple layers of filtering to ensure pure CBG kief, with little to no plant matter getting through to the finished product. This makes our kief ideal for cooking, smoking or other commercial applications.

Utilizing kief as opposed to smoking flower with high CBG levels will allow for faster acting, more potent CBG experience that has a wide range of health benefits. You’ll be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of CBG without needing to inhale the level of smoke that comes with smoking high CBG flower.

We’re now accepting new clients for our kief and can satisfy almost all commercial orders. Our team can produce hundred of pounds of kief every single day. So no matter how big your supply needs are, we can handle it.

Our CBG kief has become wildly popular among the CBD crowd so adding it to your products like hemp flower, joints, or even selling it as standalone grams your customers can use to sprinkle onto bowls or in their food!

Contact us today to get a quote on bulk pricing. We can’t wait to help your business thrive, and we also offer CBD kief if you’d like to add that onto your order.

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Information About Our High CBGa Kief

All of the high-CBG flower we use for our kief is grown in Redmond, Oregon. The strain we use is called Glacier CBG, which has a strong nose of strawberry, lemon, mint and a hint of diesel.

To achieve the results our clients love, we only use sugar trim and/or whole flower as our input material. We also add heavy amounts of dry ice on every run to ensure maximum trichome extraction.

Our results speak for themselves, and our CBG kief consistently tests above 31% CBGa. We can pride our most current COA once requested.

If you’re looking for a consistent supplier of high CBGa kief for your moonrocks, prerolls, blunts, herbal pastes, smoothies or edible manufacturing give us a call today or fill out the form below.

Our pricing varies depending on volume, and we can support orders as large as 5,000 lbs per week. We are located in Northern California, close to major international airports and shipping ports.

We are also able to take on international clients, and can ship samples after a purchase order is sent to our team.

If you’re interested in learning more about CBG, just click to read more. If you’re interested in CBG Isolate, we have that too, simply click here: CBG Isolate

CBG Kief Request Form

If you’re interested in purchasing our high CBGa kief in bulk, please fill out the form below or call us at the number listed at the top of our website. Tom will be happy to help answer any additional questions you have and get you started with the ordering process. 

We can also supply high quality hemp biomass, top shelf smokable flower, and CBD isolate for all of your commercial hemp needs