Bulk Cloth Face Masks. Reusable & Washable Cloth Face Masks!

Order reusable, machine washable bulk cloth face masks by choosing from our selection below.

These 100% cotton, 100% polyester or cotton/poly blend face masks can be used by healthcare professionals, employees or as a layer of protection for citizens when going out in public.

Reach out via live chat if you have questions! We’re happy to help!

Minimum Order Quantity: 12 Cloth Face Masks

Click here for bulk youth face masks.

Prices as low as $2.60 per mask!

bulk cloth face mask family

Multiple Colors Available

Ultra Comfortable

Machine Washable

Free Shipping Available

Best Selling Bulk Cloth Face Masks

bulk cloth face mask green

New! Antibacterial Custom Face Masks (3 Layer)

Get full color sublimation, three layer face masks starting at just $3.00 per mask! Your colors, your logo. Turnaround time of less than 10 days! You won’t find more protective fully custom bulk face masks like this anywhere else!

bulk cloth face mask charcoal

100% Polyester Face Masks (120 Pack)

Our 100% polyester bulk cloth face masks have three layers of protection and a baby soft, comfortable fit. Get our 120 packs of bulk polyester face masks for just $2.80 each!

bulk cloth face masks polyester grey

100% Cotton Three Ply Masks (100 Pack)

Our most popular and affordable option is our three layer, 100% cotton facee masks. Each comes with an earloop design and feels great on your skin. Get yours today for just $2.70 per mask!

Bulk Cloth Face Mask Option #1 - Cotton, Polyester or Cotton Poly Blend

These high quality cotton or polyester bulk cloth face masks come with a supremely comfortable fit. Choose from ear loop or wrap around designs! These 3-layer protective masks are perfect for those looking for great protection at a great price. Minimum order quantity of 100 bulk face masks.

Bulk 100% Cotton Face Mask Options

Our premium 3-ply bulk cotton face masks give you baby soft comfort and added protection of 3 separate layers! Minimum order is 100 bulk cotton face masks. Choose from charcoal grey, black, white or navy blue! Our bulk cotton face masks have an ear loop design for easy removal. 

bulk cotton face mask grey front view

100 Bulk Cotton Face Masks 

Just $2.70 per mask!

wholesale cotton face mask white front view

500 Bulk Cotton Face Masks 

Just $2.50 per mask!

bulk cotton face mask black front view

1,000 Bulk Cotton Face Masks 

Just $2.40 per mask!

Bulk Polyester Face Mask Options

Our premium 3-ply bulk polyester, moisture wicking wholesale face masks give you baby soft comfort and three layers of moisture wicking protection! Minimum order is 12 bulk polyester face masks. Choose from Navy Blue, Black, White, Purple, Safety Green, Red, Cardinal Red or charcoal grey! Our bulk polyester face masks have an ear-loop design for easy removal.

bulk face mask navy

120 Bulk Polyester Face Masks 

8 Colors Available!

Just $2.80 per mask!

bulk face mask polyester white

600 Bulk Polyester Face Masks

8 Colors Available! 

Just $2.60 per mask!

bulk facemask black

1,200 Bulk Polyester Face Masks 

8 Colors Available!

Just $2.40 per mask!

Bulk Wrap Around Face Mask Options

Our premium 3-ply cotton/poly blend face masks have a wrap around design which means no ear pain with extended use! Each cotton/poly blend face mask also comes with an adjustable nose piece for a snug, form fitting experience.

Minimum order is 500 wholesale cloth face masks. Choose from multiple premium colors like: Heather Royal Blue, Heather Navy Blue, Heather Purple, Heather Raspberry, Heather Charcoal Grey and Heather Cardinal Red!

wholesale adult mask navy heather

100 Bulk Cotton/Poly Face Masks

Wrap Around Design!

Adjustable Nose Piece! 

Just $4.30 per mask!

wholesale cloth face masks blue

500 Bulk Cotton/Poly Face Masks

Wrap Around Design!

Adjustable Nose Piece! 

Just $4.10 per mask!

wholesale cloth face masks red heather

1,000 Bulk Cotton/Poly Face Masks

Wrap Around Design!

Adjustable Nose Piece! 

Just $4.00 per mask!

New! Bulk Disposable Face Masks

Wholesale cloth face masks are great for extended use, but it’s likely you’ll also need a good supply of disposable face masks. Our disposable face masks are waterproof and comfortable.

Each mask has a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) rating of 99.7%, ensuring superior protection with the benefit of being disposable.

Our disposable masks are marked down from $0.40 to just $0.35 per mask and sold in cases of 2,000 units. Each mask comes with a form fitting adjustable wire nose piece for maximum protection and comfortable fit.

Ask about our bulk discounts for orders over 10,000 disposable masks!

bulk disposable face mask wrapped

US Made

Each bulk face mask order is hand stitched by an American employee at our facilities, creating jobs for those who need them.


It may be a burden to have to wear these masks, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be comfortable! Each face mask is made out of 100% cotton.

wholesale cloth mask black close


Our wholesale cloth face masks are built tough and can handle 20-25 washes. Just throw it in your washer and get a fresh mask as often as you like.

Multiple Colors

Our bulk cotton face masks come in a variety of colors. Choose from Navy, Black, White or Graphite Grey. Message us for availability.

Bulk Cloth Face Masks: 100% Hand Made in the USA

In these times of crisis, it’s critical to keep yourself, your employees and your customers protected against the virus until there is a vaccine available to everyone.

We’re proud to be partnering with a coalition of Los Angeles based apparel manufacturers to bring you reliable wholesale cloth face masks made by American workers for the American people.

Our partners are pumping out over 100,000 face masks per day to ensure the safety of citizens across the US as restrictions are lifted in the coming months.

Note: Only our Option #2 wholesale cloth face masks are made in the USA.

“…the virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity, for example, coughing, speaking, or sneezing, even if those people were not exhibiting symptoms.”

~ Dr. Jerome Adams, US Surgeon General

Who Are Bulk Cloth Face Masks Best For?

As states reopen for business it will become necessary for employees to be protected. Citizens during daily activities should always have a one or two masks on hand to protect when entering areas of close proximity.

Our bulk face masks can be purchased by employers, retailers and for personal use to hand out to family and friends, as cloth masks are in short supply.

Employers and retailers should be giving multiple masks to each employee, and retailers can use them as a sales incentive or as a thank you to loyal customers.

If ordering 1,000+ please fill out the form below.

wholesale cloth face mask testimonial girl

I’ve been wearing them and started giving these out to my employees for their shifts and they love them so far. They fit better than I expected and it’s nice they’re made in the US. Might need more once we figure out how often they need to be swapped for new ones. Thanks again.

Nicole Stuart

Want To Pay For Your Wholesale Cloth Face Masks On Arrival?!

For orders over 500 Option #2 masks, we can use Escrow.com to minimize your risk! The payment terms are such that 50% of your order is released from escrow when your order is ready and shipped, then another 50% is released when you sign for your wholesale cloth face masks. 

We can also process smaller order levels directly via credit card payment. Fill out the form below and we’ll send back a full quote including shipping and taxes. Escrow on large orders is only available for the higher quality $7.95 masks.

bulk face mask payment terms

Bulk Cloth Face Mask Order Request Form

Please fill out the form below to submit your order and receive estimated shipping and tax costs.

After submitting your information, a representative will reach out to explain the payment process once your order is ready. 

Our bulk cloth face masks are first come, first serve.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Bulk Face Masks 

Prices: $2.70 – $7.95 per mask

Produced within 48-72 Hours

Bulk Cloth Face Masks FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

What Are The Wholesale Cloth Face Masks Used For?

Our bulk face masks are primarily used in two ways. One, to extend the lifetime of official N95 face masks as a secondary layer. Two, as a protective mask for citizens when venturing out in public places like restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

How Many Times Can These Be Washed?

Each cotton face mask is washed then shrink tested prior to production. Each mask can be washed 20-25 times. It is recommended each citizen have a number of cloth masks available to them.

Many people are familiar with how to use face masks, but get confused when thinking about washing frequency.

Are These Medical Grade Face Masks?

No, they are not medical grade masks. The Department of Health & Human Services and CDC both have recommended wearing cloth face masks as an alternative for N95 or surgical masks.

These masks are currently being worn by health care professionals as a “next best thing” when other medical grade masks are not available. The CDC also recommends ALL citizens wear a cloth covering when going out in public.

Are They Fluid Resistant?

No, our bulk face masks are not fluid resistant. However, they are made of tightly woven cotton which prevents pathogens from transferring between people. These face masks are acceptable for all citizens.

If you are looking for medical grade, FDA approved PPE like N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, nitrile gloves and more. Please go to our FDA approved PPE supplies page.

Are These Currently In The United States?

Yes, each bulk cloth face mask is currently here in the United States and ready for shipment. Our more expensive wrap around face masks are made in the US and typically take 3-4 days to ship. Our ear loop face masks (option #1) are not made in the United States but are available in our warehouses across the US.

What Is The Average Turnaround Time?

Due to surging demand, lead times can change on a daily basis, but on average it is now taking 5-7 days for your order to be complete, depending on the size of the order. Once you place an order for your bulk cloth face masks, you will receive an ETA for your batch.

We are currently producing 100,000 face masks per day in Los Angeles, and have hundreds of thousands available in our warehouses across the US.

Are Employees Required To Wear Face Masks?

It depends on the recommendation of your state and local guidelines. However, with citizens being scared of catching the virus and the reach of social media, imagine being called out in a large local homeowners group for not making employees wear face masks.

If your employees work in close proximity to each other, it is critical you purchase and demand they wear cloth face masks to keep both your employees and customers safe from the virus.

How Can I Use These Bulk Face Masks For My Business?

The benefits of buying wholesale cloth face masks are numerous. Not only will they benefit your staff and customers, but they can be used as a sales incentive. Imagine being the only restaurant in town giving out a free face mask on orders over a certain amount.

The same strategy can be applied to home service professionals, eCommerce retailers, and any other business type.

The bulk cotton and polyester face masks (option #1) can also easily retail for upwards of $8 – $15 in a physical or online retail setting. Due to increasing numbers, flu season on the way, and mandatory mask orders across the United States, the demand for bulk cotton face masks will likely persist until a large number of the population has been vaccinated.

Can I Add Logos To Your Bulk Face Masks?

Yes! We do offer customized bulk face masks with your logo. The prices vary for each style, but the most cost effective are our 3 layer, economy bulk face masks with a multi color logo option at only $3 per mask! Please email colin@wholesalehempandcbd.com to discuss your options.

We’re excited to help you with your custom masks and we offer direct-from-manufacturer pricing. You simply won’t find custom logo face masks at this quality anywhere else on the web.

Please allow 7-10 working days for completion of your order and have a high resolution vector logo file ready so we can expedite the process for your masks.

Where Do Your Bulk Face Masks Come From?

Great question! Our bulk face masks come from suppliers across the US, Mexico and Vietnam. The speed of delivery will depend on which mask you decide to purchase.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via email, phone or chat. We’ll be happy to help you find the bulk mask that’s right for you and your company.

Do You Offer Better Pricing?

All of our bulk cloth face masks are priced at the best possible price for you. However, if you need to order more than 1,000 units from us, we have some room for discounts. Please reach us by phone, chat or email to discuss pricing options on bulk cloth face mask orders over 1,000.

Do You Sell Masks For Children?

Yes! We just began offering bulk youth face masks to help school districts open safely. We have a wide variety of 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend youth face masks that are comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time at school by children. Each youth face mask comes with adjustable elastic straps to fit most children. 

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