Your Brand + Our AZ License = BIG Profits!

Own Your Own Cannabis Brand in Arizona!

We have a fully compliant manufacturing & distribution license in Arizona and relationships with dispensaries that can help you explode into the AZ cannabis market!

Minimum monthly fee just $20k – $25k per month!

Also offering a $2,500 CASH referral bonus if you bring a brand to us and they sign up for our program!

This Is Your Chance To Enter A Multi Billion Dollar Market!

The Arizona Department of Health expects sales in 2021 to more than DOUBLE in 2021 to well over $2 biillion due to recreational sales becoming available!

Here are some fast facts:

  • We have a fully operational manufacturing & distribution license allowing you to sell anywhere in the state of Arizona.
  • We have a number of existing relationships with dispensary owners across the state to open up distribution.
  • We have marketing experts and operations consultants to help you explode onto the scene and maximize profitability.
  • We have relationships with manufacturers, growers and processors so you can have your product available for sale in weeks!

Once We Bring On 5 Clients This Opportunity Is CLOSED!

Who Is This Opportunity For?

Our unique opportunity in Arizona eliminates the need for a multi million dollar purchase of an existing cannabis license, opening the door to people just like you!

For around $20-$25k/month, you can secure your very own fully operational cannabis brand and start selling to dispensaries across the state!

Here’s who is a perfect fit:

  • Investors wanting to have their own cannabis brand up and running in a matter of weeks.
  • Existing CBD or Cannabis brands that want a to break into one of the fastest growing cannabis markets in the US.
  • Anybody else that has always wanted to have their own fully compliant, highly profitable cannabis brand!

How Does It Work?

First off, you need to submit your application to secure your place in line. We will vet all applications and contact you if there is a spot available.

It’s essentially a white label model that uses our manufacturing and distribution license to bring your brand into the Arizona market.

  • We all agree on the terms of the relationship and contracts are signed.
  • We find you the inputs or finished products you need from local growers, manufacturers or extractors.
  • You add your labels to the products you settle on and get to work selling your brand to dispensaries across the across Arizona, and keep building your brand.

For additional fees we can have our marketing experts build a buzz around your brand in the Arizona market, an operations consultant to help maximize profits, or other services to accelerate your progress.

What Type of Products Can I Sell?

Anything you could possibly imagine! We have relationships with local extraction companies, growers and edible manufacturers to fast track your success.

You could have your own brand of:

  • Premium flower or pre rolls.
  • Wax, Rosin, or other concentrates.
  • Vape cartridges.
  • Edibles or cannabis beverages.
  • Tinctures or topicals.

Ready To Break Into Arizona's Exploding Cannabis Market?

Here’s what we need from you. Fill out the application below to get the process started. Once we review your submission we’ll get in touch with you to go over specifics and outline the next steps. Before applying, understand that there will be an investment of $20k per month minimum to participate.

We are offering a $2,500 cash referral payment for any brand you bring to us that signs up for our program. Please contact if you have interested parties you want to refer.