cbd oil vs cbd ticture differences

CBD Oil vs CBD Tincture

There are many different kinds of CBD extracts. These extracts differ both in the way they are made and in how much CBD they contain compared to other cannabinoids and compounds. Two such extracts that we will be examining in this article are CBD oil and CBD tincture. They are two CBD extracts with a few wildly different properties. So, what’s the difference when it comes to CBD oil vs CBD tincture?

CBD oil refers to an oil that has been extracted from the cannabis plant using an intensive and machine-heavy method. The process is very intricate. The oil that is extracted is generally going to be predominantly CBD, containing minimal other compounds. CBD tinctures, on the other hand, are generally made from soaking the cannabis plant in a liquid solution1.

Oftentimes, the liquid solution will be made up of drinking alcohol or vegetable glycerin. The liquid solution will degrade the plant matter.This will cause the nutrients of the plant, including CBD, to become a part of the solution. However, many other compounds present in the plant may come off in the solution, as well. This means that the result is going to contain less CBD than CBD oil and more of the other compounds that make up the cannabis plant.

The Making of CBD Oil vs CBD Tincture

CBD oil is made from an elaborate process that generally requires a good deal of expensive machinery. Solvents, pressure, and heat are all usually used at one some point in the process. This results in a strong tasting and smelling oil that is most of the time predominantly pure CBD.

CBD tinctures are much simpler to make. The first step is to decarboxylate the cannabis flower. This means heating the cannabis flower so that the cannabinoids are activated. The second step is to place the flower into a container with a liquid solution.

After you’ve done this, you’ll let the mixture sit for several weeks, stirring or shaking it periodically. Once the several weeks are up, the mixture is strained and the CBD tincture is separated from the plant materials. The CBD tincture is then ready to be used.

The CBD tincture that is will oftentimes have additional ingredients added to it before it’s used. These ingredients can alter the taste or add increased benefits that work in tandem with the CBD. One such ingredient you will often find mixed in with CBD tinctures is MCT oil. Already made CBD concentrate can also be directly dissolved in MCT oil to create a very effective CBD tincture.

Understanding MCT Oil

MCT oil, or medium-chain triglyceride oil, is a type of fatty oil that is often used as a carrier for CBD, especially in CBD tinctures. CBD is a compound that is fat-soluble. This means that CBD is absorbed better when it is mixed with a fatty acid such as MCT oil. MCT oil, in particular, is a great form of fat to use as a carrier for CBD because it is easily digested by the body. Unlike other fatty oils, MCT oil is metabolized quickly by the body, meaning the CBD will be metabolized fast, as well2. This will result in quicker and stronger medicinal effects for your CBD intake.

Use of CBD Oil vs CBD Tincture

CBD oil and CBD tincture can both be taken orally. CBD tincture has a much more mild taste and is less aromatic than CBD oil. This means its taste can be more easily hidden in food, a plus for those who don’t like the plant taste of traditional CBD oil. However, the best way to take CBD tincture is to take a drop and let it sit underneath your tongue. This will allow the CBD tincture to be absorbed into the bloodstream fast and efficiently.

CBD tincture will generally also contain less CBD and a wider variety of compounds. This is because of the extraction method traditionally used to make it. There are benefits to taking CBD in tandem with the other cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant.

A full profile of cannabinoids creates what is known as the “entourage effect”3. All the cannabinoids bring out the best in each other and work more strongly together than they do separately. For those with more serious health concerns, experiencing the entourage effect from CBD tinctures might be the way to go.

Where to Buy CBD Oil vs CBD Tincture?

Luckily, almost every provider of CBD oil will also provide CBD tincture as part of their product line. Here at Wholesale CBD Providers, we only provide wholesale CBD distillate bulk CBD isolate, CBD seeds for growing and other wholesale hemp products. If you want a recommendation of where to buy trusted CBD oil or CBD tincture, send us an email and we can point you in the right direction.