CBG Isolate For Sale

Our highly refined and concentrated bulk CBG isolate will be a perfect addition to your product line. Known as “the mother of all cannabinoids”, Cannabigerol is becoming one of the hottest cannabinoids on the market.

Our isolates are derived from US grown industrial hemp flower from strains naturally high in CBG, and processed at our state of the art facility in Northern California.

Reach out today to get updated pricing and availability of our 99%+, THC free CBG kilos today!

What Is CBG Isolate?

Cannabigerol (CBG) isolate is an extremely refined, “isolated” cannabinoid powder that can be used across a number of commercial applications. We get our isolate to 99% CBG purity that is lipid soluble and very fine. Our customers use our isolate in products like skincare creams, edibles and and more.

Many people report pain relief benefits of CBG without the intoxicating impact of THC. Our isolate is THC free, allowing your brand to offer the therapeutic effects without the high.

The purity of our bulk CBG makes it a very versatile way to make tasteless, high CBG products.


We get a lot of questions about our bulk CBG isolate and our CBG distillate. Here are a few of the most common questions we get with their corresponding answers. If you have any other questions or are ready to place a sample order, feel free to call us or send us an email to get the process started.

Do You Offer Samples?

Yes, for qualified prospects we can offer small samples for you to try in your products or have tested at your preferred 3rd party lab. For non qualified customers we will charge you for a 5 gram sample that we can usually ship out the following day after it’s requested.


Is Your Bulk CBG Isolate Tested?

Yes! We’re thoroughly test our CBG isolate every few months so we have up to date COA’s on all of our products you can review before making a decision. Purity is important to us so just ask for our most recent COA’s and we’ll be happy to send them over to you asap.

If you would like your own samples to test at a lab of your choice that’s an option too, just let us know.

How Do I Order Your Bulk CBG?

If you’re looking to become a new customer of ours, simply give our sales representative Tom a call at 858-943-0594 or email him at tom@wholesalehempandcbd.com to request more information, request samples, or put in your first order with us.

You can buy as little as a single kilo and we can support orders of up to 1,000 kilos per month.

Can You Handle Custom Formulations?

Yes! Our team has over a decade of experience in extraction and isolation of minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, HHC, D8 and more. We can work with you to create a custom cannabinoid ingredient base for all of your products.

We’ve been on the cutting edge of cannabinoid research and combinations and will help you find the perfect blend for your brand’s needs.

How Should I Store The CBG Isolate After I Receive It?

We recommend storing your isolate in a cool, dry and environment when not actively using it. We also recommend that you keep the storage temperature between 67 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain peak quality.

Where Is Your CBG Isolate Made?

We create all of our minor cannabinoid products at our lab and facility in Northern California. We source all of our CBG plant material from trusted sources across the United States, so you can be sure you’re getting the finest input material in your kilos.