Grow Big or “Grow” Home!

The Best Grow Tent Kits For Beginners

Our selection of the best grow tent kits for beginners are perfect for helping you grow high yield, potent marijuana from the comfort of your own home! Each grow tent kit is easy to setup & easy to use, so you can generate crop after crop of your own weed!

Check out our top 3 favorite grow tent kits below and see what’s best for your experience level and budget.

best grow tent kits

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Common Components of a Grow Tent Kit

What Is A Grow Tent Kit?

Grow tent kits are complete kits featuring all components necessary to grow your own marijuana from start to finish! We’ve placed our favorites a little lower on the page for you to make the right decision based on your needs.

Typically grow tent kits come with supplies like:

  • A Grow Tent
  • Grow Light(s)
  • Carbon Filter
  • Timer
  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Plant Receptacles
  • Other accesssories based on your growing needs.

Who Are Grow Tent Kits Best For?

Our grow tent kits are perfect for new growers of all kinds. With new legislation passing in more states every year, now is the time to start growing your own cannabis. 

People young and old are flocking to produce their own private crops, and grow tent kits are the best way to start. Once you get the process down you can expand to larger grows if your state allows it.

With so much information available and relaxed laws, it’s never been easier to grow your own plants. If you have questions about where to find seeds or clones for your grow, don’t hesitate to email us. Below you’ll find the best grow tent kits for beginners to maximize your chances at success!

best grow tent kits for beginners
Vivo Sun 2-in-1 & TopoLite Single

What Are The Best Grow Tent Kits For Beginners?

Great question! With decades of experience growing both small scale and large scale CBD and THC crops, we’ve put together a list of the best grow tent kits for beginners on the market right now.

Each of the grow tent kits we list have a great balance of ease-of-use and results, to ensure you’re getting the growing equipment you need to maximize your chances of success with your crop. Take a look at the options below.

grow tent kit mars hydro

#1) Mars Hydro Brand Grow Tent Kit

Size = 2′ x 4′

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (97 Reviews)

Lighting: LED 300W

Price: $699.00

Bonus: 10 FREE Apple Fritter Seeds!

(28% THC)

#2) Spider Farmer Brand Grow Tent Kit

Size = 2′ x 4′

Rating: 5/5 Stars (59 Reviews)

Lighting: SF-2000 LED

Price: $599.99

vivo sun grow tent kit 4 x 4

#3) VivoSun Brand Grow Tent Kit

Size = 4′ x 4′

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (44 Reviews)

Lighting: VS4000 LED

Price: $739.99

Grow tent kit testimonial adam

“When Arizona passed the new marijuana laws this year I knew it was time to finally grow my own at home. I bought my grow tent kit from Wholesale CBD Providers and my clones are looking great so far. Referring my friends to you guys too, thanks!”

Adam G. | Phoenix

Grow Tent Kits For Beginners FAQ

Here is a collection of our most frequent questions and answers about our grow tent kits.

What Is An At Home Grow Tent Kit?

A grow tent kit typically contains a few key pieces of grow equipment to make it easy to facilitate an indoor home grow.

These pieces include: a grow light, grow tent, lighting system (ropes for hanging, bulbs, etc.), planting pots or receptacles, thermometer, fan, and hygrometer.

These are essentially everything you need to “start” a grow except for your marijuana seeds, clones, soil and nutrients.

Most indoor grow tent kits for beginners don’t come with the aforementioned necessities is because each type of plant and each grower may have different needs in those areas. Once you set up your grow tent kit, it will be important to discuss the needs of the plants you decide on with a growing consultant.

You can also discuss this with the person you purchase your seeds or clones from. They will know what’s best for your new plants to maximize yield and quality of the grow.

Why Should I Get A Ready Made Grow Kit?

The reason you should invest in a grow kit is simply that unless you’re an experienced grower with multiple crops under your belt, a kit will provide a number of benefits:

  • You will save money on expensive, specialized equipment by getting a set of components proven to work together.
  • The research alone can take a ton of time. If you get the wrong combination of equipment, you could be setting yourself up for costly failure.
  • Most grow kits come with detailed instructions for setting up your first grow. This comes in handy if you’re just starting out. Nobody wants to wait weeks just to find out they haven’t set up their grow correctly. This means your homegrown marijuana will take much longer than needed.
  • Getting an all in one grow tent kit for beginners will give you peace of mind that your crop will have a great chance at succeeding. Once you get a few grows under your belt, you should definitely consider upgrading your equipment to produce even better results.

How Much Space Do I Need To Grow At Home?

The beauty of grow tent kits is that most of them will fit comfortably in a large closet. Each kit will always tell you the exact dimensions, so all you need to do is whip out your tape measure to find out!

As an exercise, geet a tape measure and measure out how big each of the closets in your house is, then come back and see if our top 3 grow tent kits will fit.

If you’re looking to maximize your grow and buy multiple kits, simply add the dimensions together to see where the tents could fit in a room in your house.

The beauty of at home grow tents is that they are specifically designed to fit easily anywhere in your home!

Can I Grow Marijuana At Home in My State?

In 2020’s round of elections, even more states opened the door to growing your own marijuana as an adult. We haven’t read thee legislation so it will be important for you to learn the laws in your state.

Some states have different laws on how many plants you can grow, where you can grow it along with other restrictions we can’t legally advisee on.

The Marijuana Policy Project is a good resource to find out about policies and progress in different states. 

It’s important to ALWAYS follow the laws of your state, breaking the law by adding more plants than allowed is always a bad idea and could get you busted!

Our grow tent kits for beginners should only be used for legal purposes, so be forewarned.

Take it slow my friend. 🙂

Will My Grow Tent Kit Make My House Smell?

Indoor marijuana crops typically don’t even produce the pungent smell you’re familiar with until their last two months, called the “flowering” stage. Until that point you shouldn’t notice any scent coming from you tent.

Even when your plants are flowering, and the sweet smell of almost finished bud is produced there are scent mitigation steps you can take to smell proof your grow tent.

One is to keep your grow tent closed at all times when you’re not working on the plants.

Feel free to reach out to us if you notice the smell is too much to bear and we can give you more ways to mitigate the heavy smell.

Carbon filters are also a great choice to eliminate a majority of the odor during the flowering phase.

Our grow tent kits for beginners are the easiest setups and give you great results if you apply growing fundamentals properly. Please feel free to reach out, we will be launching our grow course for beginners very soon!

Where Can I Buy Plants or Seeds for My Grow Tent Kit?

Your local dispensary should be able to direct you to a distributor of seeds or clones. Many dispensaries will actually sell you young plants that have already rooteed, called clones.

We recommend buying clones over seeds if you’re new because you will save weeks of time waiting for your seeds to sprout and take root.

Buy buying pre rooted, healthy clones, you can be sure that your chances of success are far greater. It’s more difficult to care for seedlings, and a lot of things can go bad during that stage.

Depending on where you are located, we can set you up with high yield, easy-to-care-for clones that will produce some amazing buds.

Call or email us today if you would like to get your hands on some of the finest plants in all of California.

Looking for Phoenix marijuana seeds? Click that link to get exclusive access to our premium genetics available throughout the Phoenix area.

Once you begin growing your own plants at home, you should try our rosin press machines to make your own solventless concentrates!

How Long Will It Take To Grow My Plants?

This all depends on the strain that you are growing. Some plants can be ready in 10 weeks, while other may take a full 16 to flower and be ready for harvest.

All plant harvest cycles can be cut down by switching up your light cycle, but we don’t recommend forcing it.

Your patience will pay off with big beautiful buds if you just wait and focus on the process.

Feel free to ask us which plants and seeds we have in stock and we;ll recommend a few that will give you great results depending on your taste (indica vs sativa vs hybrid, difficulty, harvest time, etc.)

You can email us here.

If you’re looking to also start your very own CBD company, be sure to check out our Delta 8 Distillate or CBD Distillate.

Should I Use Hydroponics or Soil Based Growing In My Grow Tent Kit?

This is entirely up to you, but we always recommend getting started with soil for your first few grows. Being able to bring your crop to fruition is a very satisfying and confidence-boosting process.

Working with hydroponics should be something you attempt after you understand the process and learn how nutrients affect your palnts at diffeerent stages.

There is very little room for error when growing with hydroponics, so even a small mistake or oversight could destroy your entire crop.

How much would it suck to destroy a crop you’ve been growing for weeks and having to start over? 

Growing in pots with soil will give you the best chance at bringing a crop from clone to harvest, and mistakes won’t have such a big impact. It’s much easier to go with soil, so why not?