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How to Protect Yourself From COVID-19 | 5 Tips to Keep You Safe!

The world is a frightening and confusing place today. Covid-19 has altered almost every aspect of life for almost everyone in the world. Despite that, there will always be a need for people to leave the safety of their home, and venture out into the world.

Whether shopping for food, running errands, or visiting your place of work, there will be many times when people simply cannot stay isolated in the comfort of their homes. When that happens, it is vitally important for people to take safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This article will provide several tips for Covid 19 protection.

Wear Cloth or Disposable Face Masks

According to the CDC, the use of face masks is a vital part of Covid 19 safety. The CDC recommends that masks be worn in all public places where social distancing cannot occur, such as a grocery store or doctor’s office.

Even with the use of masks, the CDC recommends that social distancing occur whenever possible, to minimize the risk of spreading Covid-19. The CDC recommends that individuals do not use masks made for medical personnel, but instead rely on cloth masks or single use bulk disposable face masks to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.

Wash Your Hands Consistently

Perhaps the most important step for individuals to take in regard to Covid-19 protection is washing hands frequently. MIT recommends that hands be washed for at least 20 seconds on a frequent basis.

Attention should be paid to fingers individually, as well as the wrists and backs of hands. Also, make sure that the areas around (and under, if possible) the fingernails also need to be thoroughly scrubbed. According to MIT, people touch their faces as often as 23 times per hour, and so keeping hands sanitized is of utmost importance in the fight against Covid-19.

Use Hand Sanitizer When Washing Can't Be Done

It is widely recognized that in some circumstances, it is impossible to wash hands on a frequent basis. According to Columbia Regional Health, the use of hand sanitizer is an acceptable alternative to hand washing, when that is not an option.

However, it is important to note that hand sanitizer should be 60% or more alcohol by volume in order to ensure that it will effectively kill the virus. And, just like with hand washing, it is important that your hands get full coverage when applying the sanitizer, front and back. We offer premium bulk sanitizer in a variety of sizes, from bottles to tanker truck loads.

Disinfect Surfaces Regularly

Of all methods to help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, perhaps the most versatile is the disinfectant wipe. These come in a wide variety of packages and sizes, meaning that finding exactly the right type will not be difficult. According to MIT, it is important to keep high-touch surfaces clean. Wiping surfaces down on a regular basis means that the risk of spreading Covid-19 by touching a contaminated surface is mitigated.

It is also recommended that groceries be wiped down after purchase. It is not recommended to wipe down exposed food (such as fruits or vegetables), but only to wipe down the containers that the food came in. Do not risk ingesting the alcohol based cleaner in the wipes by wiping down exposed foods. Instead, where possible, wash the foods in question before eating them, and if possible let the food sit uneaten for up to two days to ensure that no Coronavirus remains active on the food itself.

Although there are shortages impacting supply across the US, we offer bulk disinfectant wipes that are in stock and ready to ship to help you stay protected.

Maintain Social Distancing At All Times

The CDC recommends that all people who do not share a household stay at least six feet apart during any interactions. This is approximately two arms’s length of distance between people. However, when more than 6 feet of space is available, it is recommended to take that space to ensure that the risk of spreading the virus is mitigated.

If a person is sick or running a fever, that person should stay at home until the symptoms have passed, and even then, be especially careful when going out to limit the potential risk of exposing others to Covid-19.

There are many methods that can be used to provide personal Covid 19 protection, and when they are all used in conjunction, the risk of contracting Covid-19 is significantly diminished. During this uncertain time, please make sure to practice all of these methods of Covid-19 mitigation. If everyone did all of these things, the spread of Covid-19 would decrease dramatically, making the world a much safe place to be.