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Our CBDA Isolate is perfect for consumer brands wanting to get an edge over their competition.

The isolate is the acidic precursor of CBD and tends to be more desirable for cannabinoid connoisseurs looking for more than just CBD in their products.

MOQ is 1 kilo and we can supply hundreds of CBDA isolate kilos per month.

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What Is CBDA Isolate?

Similar to THCA and THC, CBDA is a precursor for CBD found in the resin of a hemp plant. This particular cannabinoid is found in abundance in most raw hemp products – like hemp seed-oil.

It is an active, but not psychoactive component of hemp oil, gaining popularity in the beauty and skincare industries.

Before we explore the potential benefits of CBDA, let’s cover the basics – what is it and where does it come from?

CBDA, or cannabidiolic acid is a 22-carbon terpenophenolic compound. Its biosynthesis is dependent on the catalyst of CBG (cannabigerolic acid) into CBDA via CBDAS (cannabidiolic acid synthase. Stereoselective oxidocyclization of CBGA converts the cannabinoid into CBDA.

Similar to THCA, CBDA is considered to have the characteristics of berberine bridge enzymes. These compounds are the building blocks for other activated cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

How CBDA Isolate Is Made

CBDA is produced in the oils of hemp and cannabis plants in varying amounts, however this same enzymatic process can be safely replicated in a laboratory setting.

It begins with CBGA isolate, a major cannabinoid that can convert into the three most common cannabinoid precursors: THCA, CBCA, and CBDA.

The process of decarboxylation can then be used to trigger the synthesis of CBD from CBDA. This can be done when the raw compounds are exposed to heat or UVB light.

The use of hemp seed oil has become one of the biggest health trends in beauty and skin care products.

There is some misconception in the marketing of some products offering the same benefits as CBD or other active cannabinoids without their presence. Although this is false, CBDA has its own set of unique benefits.

Benefits of CBDA Isolate

Despite the myths and hype around hemp seed oil, this CBDA-rich oil has begun to catch the eyes of scientists interested in understanding the bioactivity of CBDA more deeply.

Some researchers suggest CBDA could have its own anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, anti-convulsant, and anti-cancerogenic drug properties.

Researchers still face some limitations in studying the isolated effects of CBDA, as THCA has the potential to skew test results as they require spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques to distinguish between the two compounds, and separation of the two compounds was challenging.

It can currently be presumed that CBDA will have a combined effect similar to THCA and CBD in anti-inflammatory effects.

Difference Between CBDA and Other Major Cannabinoids

The structural difference between CBD and CBDA is quite obvious, however this slight difference in shape plays a role in how CBDA is metabolized differently when consumed.

Cannabinoids typically bind directly with either the CB1 or CB2 receptors in the nervous system; CBDA interacts with the body differently.

It interacts with the endocannabinoid system by inhibiting the uptake of cyclooxygenase-2 enzyme (COX-2). This enzyme is associated with inflammation that occurs after injury or infection of tissue in the body.

By blocking COX-2 enzymes CBDA can relieve the body of pain and inflammation.

It’s possible that CBDA could play a role in the regulation of serotonin, further building on the evidence that cannabinoids can stabilize hormone production in the body.

The regulation of hormones like serotonin can positively impact core functions of the body such as motor skills, digestion, emotions, and sleep.

Commercial Applications of CBDA

Hemp seed oils and other full spectrum extracts from hemp are extremely common in natural skincare and cosmetics around the world.

However, isolates and more purified forms of CBDA and other novel cannabinoids are much more exclusive and hard to come by at your standard local retailers.

The advantage of sourcing CBDA isolate for your product line is that you will have consistency with this ingredient, ensuring uniform manufacturing practices and satisfied customers.

Each time the product will have the same concentration of CBDA for exact dosing and reliable results. Using a higher potency will also provide more noticeable results, versus a low-dose alternative that may vary in strength from batch to batch (as not all plants contain the same percentages of compounds).

Beyond consistency in dosing, CBDA offers a few other uncommon perks for natural product manufacturers:

Raw CBDA Maintains Its Structure In Topicals, & Tinctures & Edibles

Currently, CBDA isolate can be found in a number of raw topical and edible products. Capsules, Gummies, Tinctures, and skin serums are available to try.

There are no known vape or inhalable CBDA products, as this process would convert the CBDA into CBD and be a less practical option for consuming CBDA. To maintain shelf stability it is key to keep CBDA safe from exposure to heat or direct sunlight so it doesn’t activate into CBD.

CBDA Could Be More Effective Than CBD Isolate Alone

There is still more work to be done to show evidence that CBDA impacts the effects of CBD on the body, however there is some curiosity amongst researchers that CBDA may augment the effects of other cannabinoids and support anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous effects of CBD specifically.

Compelling evidence of the entourage effect, as highlighted by researchers out of Tel Aviv Israel, suggests that the combined effect of phytocompounds in cannabis and hemp resin could be more powerful together than in isolation.

CBDA Is Becoming More Available

Additionally, CBDA can be converted into CBD through a simple decarboxylation of the bulk isolate. This hemp derived, pure compound is a safe way to synthesize CBD.

Depending on the price points it may be cheaper to stick to bulk CBD isolate instead, but this product could be a formulator’s secret tool to making products more effective and is widely available for wholesale.

We can ship premium CBDA Isolate powder directly to your location at various bulk quantities. Reach out today if you’re looking for the best CBDA for your brand.

CBDA Isolate FAQ

We get a lot of questions about our CBDA Isolate, so below we’ll do our best to answer the most common questions you might have.

Do You Have COA's?

We test all of our isolates regularly and have COA’s for you to review upon request. Please send an email to tom@wholesalehempandcbd.com or call us at 858-943-0594 to get samples and/or updated test results.

Is It Guaranteed T-Free?

Our CBDA isolate is THC free and is ready to be shipped and used in your products. Please contact us for updated test results.

Is There A Minimum Order?

Our MOQ for our CBDA Isolate is one kilogram. We offer discounts with increased volume. we can handle orders of up to 5,000 kilograms per month. Reach out to us today to get our bulk pricing and inquire about samples and COA’s.

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