Order Bulk THCO Distillate For Sale

Our bulk THCO distillate liters will give you premium, tested THCO to use in filling your vape cartridges, gummies or syringes.

THCO is soaring in popularity right now so order today and start getting your piece of the new cannabinoid pie!

THCO Distillate FAQ

Similar to Delta 8 TCH in its infancy, THCO has become extremely popular in a short amount of time. Since June of last year, searches online for this hot cannabinoid have have grown over 1,031% (as of May 2022). This is the opportunity to ride a massive wave of interest in THCO. Here are a few questions and answers about our THCO distillate liters for sale.

What Is THCO Distillate?

Our THCO distillate is a concentrated and liquid form of the wildly popular cannabinoid that’s sweeping the nation. Our distillate is made in Oakland, CA by our expert extraction team with decades of experience and multiple Emerald Cup and Cannabis Cup wins under their belts.

How Much Is Your THCO Distillate Per Liter?

Our distillate pricing varies based on the number of liters you’re interested in buying. Contact us today for a free quote and we can discuss your pricing and shipping options. If you’re looking for finished, well branded wholesale THCO cartridges, we have those too!