Wholesale CBD Isolate

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What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the closest we have come through scientific means of creating pure CBD, with CBD content typically ranging from 99% to 100%. The pure isolate, when initially created, resembles a solid rock that is sometimes called a “CBD crystal”, and this crystal is ground up finely into a powder which is the traditional form of CBD isolate. This fine powder allows for the easiest consumption of pure CBD and is the perfect mode to add CBD to recipes and products.

You will commonly find CBD isolate is used as an ingredient in many CBD products given that its powder nature is incredibly versatile and that this pure form of CBD contains no other phytochemicals. Pure CBD is attractive to the right customer who may specifically wish to totally and completely avoid even the tiniest amount of other cannabinoids such as THC.

How Is Our Bulk CBD Isolate Produced?

Our wholesale CBD isolate begins with a hemp plant. Hemp plants are cannabis plants that are cultivated for industrial purposes and feature a lower THC content, making them ideal for extracting CBD with minimal to no THC.

Step #1: CO2 Extraction

The hemp plant, once cultivated, is put into a CO2 extraction machine. CO2 extraction results in a far cleaner extract than other extraction methods that are solvent-based such as those utilizing butane or alcohol. The resulting extract is going to be “full-spectrum” meaning it contains all of the many cannabinoids of the hemp plant in their natural ratios, as well as other adulterations such as chlorophyll, lipids, terpenes, and plant waxes.

Step #2: Winterization & Decarboxylation

Once this extract has been obtained from the hemp plant, it is time to begin specifically isolating the CBD from the other cannabinoids and materials. The first step in doing this is known as “winterization”. This process will remove plant waxes and lipids from the extract. The next step is known as “decarboxylation” which converts the cannabinoid CBDA into CBD through thermal heat.

Step #3: Triple Pass Distillation

The third step is to put the extract through a triple-pass fractional distillation process that will get rid of the terpenes, chlorophyll, and any other undesired particles that adulterate the pure CBD. Through this process, CBD starts to become separated and concentrated away from the other cannabinoids in the extract.

Step #4: Crystallization & Adulturation Removal

When this is done, the CBD fraction that has been concentrated is mixed in a reactor with a non-polar solvent. This mixed solution is treated with increasing and decreasing temperatures that begin to precipitate pure CBD from the original mixture. This CBD comes out in a crystallized form. This crystallized form is then once more treated with the non-polar solvent in the reactor to further remove any remaining adulterations.

Once this process is complete, the crystallized CBD is put into a vacuum oven that gets ride of all the solvents that were used in its creation. This is the final process in producing the pure CBD crystal free of any solvents or adulterants. The next step is to take this pure crystal and crush it up into the fine powder that we typically think of when we think of pure CBD isolate.

What Are The Benefits of Isolate?

CBD isolate is used by many different people for various issues and has been known to have a very wide range of benefits for all types of ailments and symptoms. People all over the world are becoming more aware of the benefits received by CBD ingestion.

Alleviation of Pain

One of the most common uses of CBD is as a natural alternative to pain medications. Many people suffer chronic pain or pain from an injury and don’t want to have to take prescription painkillers that could be habit-forming or have other adverse side effects. For these people, the naturally numbing effect of CBD can often do the trick to abate their pain enough for them to live normal lives without medication.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

CBD also has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect when tested on lab rats. This anti-inflammatory effect works not only when CBD is applied topically on the skin to satiate rashes and swelling but can do its part to fight internal inflammation and swelling when it is ingested. Those who suffer from allergies and stiffness of the joints may find that CBD provides them some relief that other over-the-counter medications cannot.

Minimizing Withdrawal Symptoms & Smoking Cessation

Due to its relaxing properties, CBD is often used by people who are suffering from withdrawals from hard drugs such as opiates. It can also be used to help people quit smoking. While it is no miracle cure and won’t do all the work for you, CBD can help to quiet many of the symptoms associated with withdrawals and will aid those looking to get clean from relapsing due to pain and stress.

Withdrawals can often cause symptoms such as anxiousness, mood swings, and insomnia, and the naturally sedating properties of CBD provide some relief from these for many people.

Epilepsy Treatment

Much research has been done regarding the effects of CBD on those suffering from epilepsy, and the results were so promising that the FDA actually approved the use of a CBD-derived drug called Epidolex as a medication for those who suffer from a few specific strains of epileptic seizures. This medication has been prescribed to children and adults alike and has had more of an effect than any other drugs in abating these symptoms.

Treatment For Other Neurological Conditions

Beyond epilepsy, there has been some beneficial research done showing that CBD may also counter against neurodegeneration, neurological injuries, and some psychological disorders. As well, there is some evidence that CBD can provide a natural alternative to the effects of some psychiatric drugs, such as those prescribed to patients with schizophrenia.

Relief From Cancer Pain & Nausea

Some research has been showing that CBD may have some effect in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. This is an avenue that requires further research, but what can’t be argued is that many cancer patients choose to use CBD products to quell their pain and nausea.

Relief From Anxiety & Depression

While THC can have a terrible effect on those suffering from anxiety, only exacerbating their racing thoughts and paranoia, CBD has been known to do quite the opposite. CBD is often taken by those who suffer from anxiety as a means to calm their brain and get a little bit of much-needed relaxation. Likewise, CBD can have very positive effects on those suffering from depression.

Relief From Other Associated Psychological Issues

CBD may also help reduce anxiety symptoms in those who suffer from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. These disorders can be subdued by the naturally relaxing effects of CBD. People who suffer from these and similar disorders are often given prescription drugs that only make the problem worse and CBD posits a natural solution to these problems that doesn’t have any unintended side effects. There has even been some evidence showing that CBD can help prevent the worsening of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Help With Diabetes & Cardiovascular Illnesses

Given that Type 1 diabetes is largely characterized by inflammation of the immune system, CBD has been known to alleviate many of the symptoms that those who suffer from Type 1 diabetes face. As well, the sedating effects of CBD can calm the cardiovascular system and promote heart health.

How Do You Use Isolate?

There are many ways to use our wholesale CBD isolate, whether by just eating the isolate itself, by mixing it with food, by drinking it with fatty liquids, vaping it. or with topical creams. If you want to take CBD isolate by itself, make sure to put it under your tongue and let it dissolve for maximum absorption.

Our wholesale CBD isolate is perfect for adding into a multitude of products types to maximize your revenue streams. 


CBD isolate is a common ingredient in CBD vape cartridges. Vaping allows the CBD to get into your lungs and directly into your bloodstream faster than ingesting it and much faster than applying it topically. For those who take CBD for psychological problems, vaping is likely the way to go as it allows the CBD to get to your brain faster than any other method.


If you are going to use CBD isolate in a drink, you need to remember that, like all cannabinoids, CBD binds to fat. You need to mix CBD isolate with a fatty liquid such as milk otherwise the mixture will not emulsify and the CBD will stay separated from the liquid.

Topical Application

Topical creams make great use of CBD isolate for topical application. While topical applications won’t suit all needs, those who prefer to take their CBD topically can do no better than topical creams made using CBD isolate.

Mixing CBD Isolate In Foods

CBD isolate can be mixed in with foods and is commonly found as an ingredient in many “CBD treats”, such as chocolate and gummy bears. CBD isolate is much easier to work with than CBD oil when it comes to recipes.

Differences Between CBD Isolate & CBD Oil

CBD oil can be either “full-spectrum” or “broad-spectrum”. Full-spectrum CBD oil features all of the cannabinoids of the hemp plant in their natural ratios, as well as chlorophyll, lipids, terpenes, and plant waxes.

Broad-spectrum is the same except it goes through an added process to specifically remove the cannabinoid THC, which is what gives marijuana its psychoactive properties.

CBD isolate, as we discussed earlier, goes out of its way to be only pure CBD. This is beneficial for those who strive not to get any THC in their bloodstream whatsoever, whether it be for drug testing or for the avoidance of its psychoactive properties.

Many people just want the CBD, as there has been little to no research done on the potential side-effects that the other cannabinoids may present in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil. For those who wish to go the safest route, our wholesale CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD on the market.

We Are a Safe & Trusted Wholesale CBD Isolate Supplier

We sell bulk CBD isolate to companies who may wish to create their own CBD products. Our bulk CBD isolate is the perfect ingredient for CBD edibles, vape cartridges, and topical creams.

When you use our wholesale CBD isolate in your products, you can rest assured that you are selling an unadulterated CBD product that will stand up to market testing. Furthermore, you can be certain our isolate will deliver your customers only the purest CBD. Give us a call to get the ball rolling and start growing your own lucrative CBD brand!

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